Disconnected (Top)
Barry Dale
Dahlia in Bloom (HC)
Martin Duffy
Leopard (HC)
Sue Wilson
A Pile of Sacks at the Bobbin Mill (Com)
Sheila Rayson
Officer 465 (Com)
Martin Duffy
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Lily with a Lily (Top)
Ron Trevis
He's Nicked! (HC)
Barry Smith
The Logger (HC)
Barry Smith
Street Talk (HC)
Stephen Mallender
Arley Hall (Com)
Les Unwin
Ferrari Racing (Com)
Ron Trevis
Under the Humber (Com)
Martin Duffy
Admiring the Wall (Com)
Graham Martin
Taking Shelter (Com)
John Hopkinson
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October 2020 Mono Competition Judged by David Hollingsworth