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Clay Cross Photographic Society


Competition Rules for 2022-2023 Season

Types of Competition


There are 6 monthly competitions plus  Image of the Year  (PDI  and  Print) at the end of the season. Judging will be by an external judge.

There will be:

2 Open, 

1 Nature,

1 Scapes,

1 Mono,

and a themed (subject to be chosen by the Chairman)

Rules for Entries


A section as referred to below is one of the following :-   a colour print,    a mono print,

a colour PDI.     a mono PDI.                                                                                                                                                                          


1. A maximum of 4 entries are allowed.  If 3 or fewer entries are submitted, then they can (but do not have to be) in one section.


2. If 4 entries are submitted then at least TWO sections must be entered, in any combination  

 eg. 3+1,  2+2,  1+1+1+1,  2+1+1 of the sections as defined above.


3. In an Open competition up to 2 Nature entries may be submitted, but if 2 entries are submitted then there MUST be one print and one PDI.


4. The Nature and Mono competition can be 4 PDI's or 4 prints or a combination thereof.


5. Mono images will not be accepted in the Nature competition.


6. Visit the website for further guidance on definitions of Nature, Scapes and Monochrome images, or contact the Competition Secretary.



1.  In each section judged, 20% of the entries submitted will be eligible for awards with a minimum Top, HC and C, irrespective of number of entries 


2. Judges will have the discretion to give extra or fewer awards in any section.      


3. Scoring will be -- Top: 5 points, HC: 4 points, C: 3 points, Held Back but no award: 2 points, and for entry: 1 point.


4. The '50 Up award will continue as before, but the Top image in each section to gain 2 credits, with the addition of a 25up award.


5. Photographer of the Year will be based on aggregate scores in the season.


Submission of Entries

1. A form must be completed for entries and this together with any PDI memory stick handed to or e-mailed to the Competition Secretary on or by the Monday before the competition.

Hand in prints on the night of the competition by 7.15pm.  

Entry forms may be downloaded from the club website or see Competition Secretary.


2. Prints are to be mounted to a maximum mount size of 50cm x 40cm. Write or label the back of the print with the image title as given on your entry form,  also add your member number only (not your name)


3. PDI's – images to be  JPEG format, sized to a maximum of 1600px horizontal side  and a maximum of 1200px vertical side,

at 300dpi using sRGB colour space.  Number the images starting with  01 followed by the image title as given on your entry form for the first image,  02 plus title for second image, etc. for each image submitted.

Submit images on your memory stick or via e-mail, with entry form to the Competition Secretary.


4. You must have the sole copyright for your images which must be your own work.


5. All images must have originated in camera, including any elements in a composite image.


Terms and Conditions

1. Prints must be no larger than the maximum mount size of 50cm x  40cm.


2. No entries will be accepted after the Monday evening of the week before the competition.

No entry will be accepted without an entry form.


3. Only fully paid up members of the Society will be eligible to enter.


4. New work is preferred  and may only be used in a 15 month period from its first entry.

An image may not be used in more than one format in a monthly competition. Different formats of an image may be used in subsequent competitions.


5. No entry gaining an award (i.e. top, highly commended or commended) may be used in a subsequent competition in that year in any format, with the exception of  “Projected Image of the Year” and “Print of the Year" competitions, where entry is by qualification in competitions during that season and not by the individual's choice.


6. Credits will be recorded on the back of prints after judging.


7. Different formats of an image may be used in subsequent years.


8. “It is a condition of entry  to all club competitions that members agree to all their images entered, both prints and PDI's including those not gaining awards, are made available to the club for selection for entry into external competitions.  In addition any member belonging to more than one club in the NEMPF area  must also nominate a preferred club for entry into NEMPF organised competitions ONLY.  (This is an existing NEMPF rule)”


9. The Competition Secretary's decision is final in the event of any issues arising concerning entries submitted and interpretation of the above rules.

2022-23 Entry Form
Download 2022-2023
Competition Rules
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