If you enjoyed David Keep's talk on Underwater Photography (14th Oct) you might be interested in a couple of tutorials he has posted on his website:  'Sharpening Images for Print' and 'Printing from Lightroom'.  These were brought to my attention by our Secretary Paul Francis.  They are really worth a visit.  (Click on the image to link to the tutorials)

David Keep.PNG

Lightroom has a very useful function called 'guided upright'.  Take a look with the tutorial below:


This link will take you to a rather complicated video covering the 'Shadows and highlights' function in Photoshop.  I've watched several times and it does take some digesting.  However I do believe it's worth persevering with because it opens up a look at 'smart objects' and extra menus which give very accurate control over your work.  Of course if you are one of our high fliers you will probably be familiar with this already.



Of course, if you come across any useful tutorials then use the 'Feedback' link to let me know about them.