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Lenscraft Tutorials

Are you looking for Adobe Photoshop Tutorials? Or perhaps you use Affinity Photo, or Adobe Lightroom, or the Nik Collection. Or are you looking for tutorials about Landscape photography? Website


Caron Steele

2019 Bird Photographer of the Year" Caron Steele Shares her tips on photographing wildlifeWebsite


We Make Noise Photoghraphy Magazine

Sean Tucker shares a little bit of the history of dodging and burning in photography, as well as 3 techniques in Adobe Photoshop (using curves, grey layers and blending modes) to shape the light and shadows in your images. It covers portraits and street photography. Website


My goal is to help you create better photos so you can succeed as a photographer YouTube


Photography Online YouTube Show

Photography Online is the show by photographers - for photographers. Whether you are an experienced pro or a total beginner, we have a wide range of features, packed full of information and tips YouTube

Photo online.jpg

Derek Forss

Traditional photography in a digital age without sacrificing true creativity. Photo-technique, post-production with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Olympus gear reviews and wonderful places to visit in the UK, not to mention a touch of history and art. Youtube


David Keep

If you enjoyed David Keep's talk on Underwater Photography (14th Oct) you might be interested in a couple of tutorials he has posted on his website:  'Sharpening Images for Print' and 'Printing from Lightroom'.  These were brought to my attention by Paul Francis.  They are really worth a visit. Website

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