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Data Protection Policy

Clay Cross Photographic Society – Data Protection Policy

The Objective of the Clay Cross Photographic Society (CXPS) is to increase
knowledge in the art and science of photography. It may do this by any means
but particularly by arranging regular meetings, competitions, conferences,
demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions and such other means as may be
appropriate. It may also join area and national bodies with similar aims.

The personal information referred to in this policy may include name,
distinctions, contact details, records of entries to events and such other
information as may be necessary for the effective management of the
legitimate interests of the CXPS. Any person wishing to verify the information
held by the CXPS, or to update or correct that information, may apply to the
membership secretary.

The CXPS collects and uses information for several purposes: -

i)  to enable persons to be contacted
ii)  to publish photographs and information on its websites
iii)  to organise its national photographic exhibition and to publish the
iv)  to enter external competitions
v)  to enable the smooth running of CXPS

This data is kept for current club members. Where members have not
renewed, their data will be kept for a further year unless the person informs
the membership secretary to delete their data earlier.

The CXPS will not make personal information available for electronic
marketing or cascade marketing material to members by electronic messages.

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