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Club Constitution

Clay Cross Photographic Society


1. The name of the society shall be CLAY CROSS PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY.

2. Membership of the Society shall be persons mainly, but not exclusively, residing in the
Clay Cross area of Derbyshire who have paid the subscription determined by the Society
in General Meeting.

3. The objective of the Society is to increase knowledge in the art and science of
photography. It may do this by any means but particularly by arranging regular
meetings, competitions, conferences, demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions and such
other means as may be appropriate. It may also join area and national bodies with similar

4. Ultimate control of the Society shall be by members meeting in a General Meeting of
which one at least shall be held in each calendar year (the Annual General Meeting) in
either the months of April or May. Other General Meetings (Extraordinary General
Meetings) may be called at the request of either the committee or at least ten members.
In all cases of General Meetings at least 14 days notice shall be given to all members
and 30% of paid up members shall form a quorum.

5. Ordinary business of the Society shall be conducted by a Committee, which shall consist
of the following officers elected by simple majority vote of members at the Annual
General Meeting. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Programme
Secretary, Competition Secretary, Webmaster and Exhibition Chairman. Ordinary
Committee members shall also be elected by simple majority vote to form a total
Committee equal to 30% of the Society’s membership. The Committee shall meet as
required by the needs of the Society but not less than four times in each year. The
Chairman of each meeting shall have a second or casting vote. The Committee may fill
any vacancy among the officers and may co-opt not more than three extra members to
the Committee. Sub committees may be appointed to carry out specific tasks for the

6. The year of the Society shall be the year between Annual General Meetings and the
appointment of Officers and Committee shall be for that year. For convenience, the
financial year shall be the year to March 31st. Subscriptions for valid membership shall
be due on September 1st each year and membership shall run to September 30th of the
following year.

7. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to a) make the elections as
required by clause 5. above, b) receive reports from the officers on the state of the
Society’s affairs both photographic and financial, c) elect an auditor, d) fix the
subscriptions for the upcoming subscription year, e) amend the constitution if required
and f) conduct any other relevant business.

8. The Committee shall have the power to discipline (which could include expulsion) any
member deemed to have brought the Society into disrepute.

9. Only a General Meeting of members may change this constitution, which supersedes any
other in its name or of Clay Cross & Biwater Photographic Society or Clay Cross &
Clay Cross Company Photographic Society or any predecessor. In the event of a motion
being carried to wind up the Society the assets of the club and any sub committee shall
be divided equally between persons who have been members for the two immediate past

Dated 12th May 2003
Amended 10th May 2004, 19th August 2009 (Webmaster added)
Amended 6th April 2011 (item 8 added)

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